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China GDP by industry


The share of primary industry in GDP has fallen from 28% in 1978, at the beginning of the reform period, to 10% in 2011. This fall occurred because agricultural output grew more slowly than output of other economic sectors. Close to half of the GDP came from the manufacturing industry which maintained the countries international status as the world factory due to its competitive human labor and abundance in land and raw material. Service industry caught up in recent years and in 2011 posted a healthy share of 43%.


Below is the chart of China GDP by sector of primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry from year 1978 - 2011:



This was mainly contributed by the fast development and growth of consumer markets in the more developed cities especially around the 2 delta region, Pearl River Delta Region in the Guangzhou area and the Yangtze River Delta Region in the Shanghai area. However, China’s share still lagged behind the world average of 64% and average developing countries which stood at an average of 45%. This suggest that China still have a long road to reach the developed nation tag as its heavy reliance on the manufacturing industry is still what drove most FDIs into the nation.


Below is the chart of China GDP by industry for the year of 2011:


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