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China macroeconomic information


China improved its GDP again in 2011, 9.6% GDP growth rate, reaching a total of USD 7275 billion (USD1=RMB6.5). Such growth not only shows China's growing potential of the Chinese market, but also led to the improvement to the Chinese people's standard of livings.


Upgrades in consumer spending develops technologies and service sectors rapidly, thus results slow growth in the agricultural sector. Overall, China was developed by three main cities which are Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. They have been the key to the development to the Chinese economy, attracting international trades and foreign investors. We will be expecting China to either maintain or increase its current growth for many years to come.


From these sections below, you are able to find details of about China's latest updates on its Macroeconomics development:


1. China GDP trends from 1978 - 2011 [Details]


2. China GDP per capita trends from 1979 - 2011 [Details]


3. China GDP by industry [Details]


4. China GDP and GDP per capita by province [Details]


5. China GDP by cities [Details]

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