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China impact on global economy


China's growing economy played a very significant role in the world's economy. Its decision to join WTO has not only helped its country to prosper but also made great contribution to the world economic development.


China is now the second largest in the world in terms of gross domestic product (GDP), contributed to 24% of the world economy growth in 2011. Examples of such nations that benefited from China's reform policy and growth will be United States. China is now the second top trade partner of U.S. in 2011; Japan's largest importing nation as well as becoming number one in EU's exporting nation. With the ASEAN-China FTA agreement in place, China also made continuous exports to ASEAN countries.


Though its outputs contribute greatly to the world, its demands for raw materials is massive and may cause environmental threat. Though China enjoys high economic growth rate, its domestic consumption is low, thus maintains a high national saving rate and more oversea investments. China is seen to become the second largest economic nation in years to come.

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