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China increases its imports and exports over the years due to several factors, one of them is that an increase of products' competitiveness that led to an expansion of their shares in the international market. To liberalize trade in China, the Chinese government reduces administrative obstacles to improve its attractiveness to the foreign investors. The government's effort paid off with an increase in exports to countries such as U.S., EU, Hong Kong, Japan, ASEAN and South Korea. As the country prospers, the standard of living improved and thus increased the amount of imports overseas mainly from Japan, EU, South Korea, ASEAN and Taiwan.


From these sections below, you are able to find details of China's latest updates on its imports and exports:


01.   China total import and export trends [Details]


02.   Trends of China total exports by trade patterns [Details]


03.   Trends of China total imports by trade patterns [Details]


04.   Trends of China total exports by business types [Details]


05.   Trends of China total imports by business types [Details]


06.   China major trade partners and trends of top trade partners [Details]


07.   China major export markets and trends of top export market [Details]


08.   China major import sources and trends of top import source [Details]


09.   Top source regions of China trade surplus and trends [Details]


10.   Top source regions of China trade deficit and trends [Details]


11.   Top China exporting provinces and trends [Details]


12.   Top China importing provinces and trends [Details]


13.   Top China exporting cities and trends [Details]


14.   Top exported goods and trends of major exported commodities [Details]


15.   Top imported goods and trends of major imported commodities [Details]


16.   China customs taxes for imported goods and export tax rebate [Details]


17.   China foreign currency reserves and trends [Details]


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