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China Market Overview


With these information, you are able to have better understanding on China from its aspects of economy, foreign investment to foreign trade.


With China fast economic growth, China is playing more significant role in the world's economy, this section also analyzes China impact on global economy. In end of this section, we provide some tips of doing business in China.


China Economy Information

01. China GDP trends

02. China GDP per capita trends

03. China GDP by industry

04. China GDP and GDP per capita by province

05. China GDP by cities

China Foreign Investment (FDI)

01. Total amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) used in China

02. Total FDI used in China by industry

03. FDI used in China by business type

04. FDI used in China by province / region

China Imports and Exports

01. China total import and export trends

02. Trends of China total exports by trade patterns

03.  Trends of China total imports by trade patterns

04. Trends of China total exports by business types

05. Trends of China total imports by business types

06. China major trade partners and trends of top trade partners

07. China major export markets and trends of top export market

08. China major import sources and trends of top import source

09. Top source regions of China trade surplus and trends

10. Top source regions of China trade deficit and trends

11. Top China exporting provinces and trends

12. Top China importing provinces and trends

13. Top China exporting cities and trends

14. Top exported goods and trends of major exported commodities

15. Top imported goods and trends of major imported commodities

16. China customs taxes for imported goods and export tax rebate

17. China foreign currency reserves and trends

China Impact on Global Economy

01. China contribution to global economy

02. U.S top 10 trading partners

03. China share of US import market

04. China share of ASEAN import market

05. China surging material demand

06. GDP growth rate of global largest countries in terms of GDP

07. Shares of global total exports and imports of top countries

08. Shares of total imports of global top countries

09. Shares of total exports of global top countries

10. Foreign exchange reserves of global top countries

China Business Tips

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