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China Market Intelligence - Market Study in China 

Starmass is a leading full-service market research consulting firm in China, we are capable of conducting high quality customized market study covering all major cities in China. With our experience of over 380 market researches, we are able to provide valuable market information with in-depth analysis to narrow the gap between what you know and what you don't know, and leverage your investment.


Some typical studies that we have conducted include industry research, product research, research on distribution channels, competitor research, customer / consumer research and research on investment. Our research can be the foundation of successful business in China and reduce your risks substantially when entering into the China market and doing business in China. Below is the illustration of typical market research we conducted:




Industry research


Through in depth analysis of an industry's scale, chain, competitors and other comprehensive economic information, we are able to provide our clients with important information for decision making, this may include market size and growth; market demand; PEST analysis; analysis of industry trends; appraisal of industry chain; and assessment of industrial potentiality etc.


Product research


Product research is an important step in minimizing the risk that the company may encounter. The details may include research on market size; analysis of market demand and supply; market segmentation characteristics; analysis of product market prices; SWOT analysis, and product marketability and potentiality etc.


Competitor research


As written in the Sun Tzu's art of war: if you know your enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt. To enter into a market without knowing the competitors will be dangerous. Our competitor's research can enable you have in-depth understanding of your competitors in China market, which may include identification of major market competitors; competitor market share and position; competitors’ sales channels; target market and marketing strategy; and competitors’ advantages and disadvantages etc.


Consumer research


To enter the Chinese market means your products must be accepted by the customers, it is important to understand who your customers are and their needs. Our customer research may include who and where your customers are based; customers' needs and expectations;  study on customers' purchasing process; and identification of major customers etc.


Research on distribution channel


Researching the distribution channel is one of the essential steps to enter into the Chinese market or expand business in China, these information will help our clients to assess possible sales channel and provide the management with the basis for market entry strategy that may include analysis of possible sales channels; analysis of potential risks; recommendation of potential risk control; and screening of distribution partners etc.


We offer our clients with a wide range of customized consulting service of market intelligence in China. Contact us now! to get more details, we will get back to you in hours NOT days!




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