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Customized Services

We understand that different companies have their different strategies to market their products. In order to meet your specific requirements, we also offer our valuable clients with a wide range of customized consultation services.


We can skip the phase of market research and go to the step of establishment of distribution channels directly if our clients assure that their products are marketable in China.


However, we do not stop at just the establishment of distribution channels, our services include any consideration of the expansion in the Chinese market, support of your continuous business development, and help you resolve key issues concerning growth.


We can help our clients to draw up a long-term strategy of product marketing and business development. Considering the internal conditions of your company and the external China’s market research, we can sketch out specific execution plans to set up an integrated marketing strategy such as:  


   * company registration and business plan


   * strategies of dealing with competitions


   * integrated marketing plan


   * sales strategy and channel design


   * product and company promotion campaign


   * new product development and marketing strategy


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