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Starmass provides reliable and discreet market research reports to let our clients obtain the latest industry information to enter into China market. Our research network produces nearly 450 industry research reports. Our targeted fields include chemical industry, IT & telecom, construction material, electronic, food, machinery, pharmaceutical industry etc.


Starmass has established close partnership with various China industry associations, the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the State Administration for Industry & Commerce, China Customs, as a result, we are able to obtain timely, comprehensive, authoritative data and industrial experts’ opinions regarding the prospects of the industry. Periodically, Starmass lodges policy inquiries of relevant industries with the relevant government departments of China to grasp the influence of Chinese law and relevant policies on the development of various industries.


Typical study scope include but are not limited to:


1     Industry Overview
1.1  Market demand
1.2  Market supply
1.3  PEST analysis
1.4  Analysis of relevant governmental regulations
2     Industry competition analysis
2.1  Price competition
2.2  Product competition
2.3  Identification of major competitors
2.4  Study on major competitors


3     Analysis of consumers' needs and expectation
3.1  Factors and preference influencing the purchase behavior
3.2  Source of purchasing information
3.3  Purchasing channels
3.4  Customers' needs and expectations

4     Industry market entry strategy
4.1  Products analysis
4.2  Price analysis
4.3  Distribution channels analysis
4.4  Industry SWOT analysis
4.5  Analysis of potential risks
4.6  Recommendation of market entry strategy

5     Analysis of Market trend
5.1  Market potentiality
5.2  Industry technology trend
5.3  Industry market trend
5.4  Industry forecast


Below are some industries we've studied in China:


  * Chemical products manufacturing industry
  * Metal product and refinery industry
  * Mining industry
  * Construction materials manufacturing industry
  * Electrical products and household electrical appliance industry
  * Electronic communication equipment and computer industry
  * Electronic machinery and equipment industry
  * Energy and power generation industry
  * Food and beverage manufacturing industry
  * Furniture and wooden products and craft articles industry
  * Machinery manufacturing industry
  * Glass and glass product and optical instrument industry
  * Instrument and meter and stationery and office machinery industry
  * Paper making and printing manufacturing industry
  * Pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturing industry
  * Rubber and plastic products manufacturing industry
  * Stationery and sports and musical instrument industry
  * Textile and garment manufacturing industry
  * Transportation equipment manufacturing industry




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