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Source and screen suitable local agents / distributors / wholesalers / buyers

There are many channels you can choose when exporting your products to China. You may decide to set up your office in China and have your sales staff market your products, or you can export your products through partners such as local agents, distributors, representatives, buyers and wholesalers. An ideal choice for companies who take the first step into Chinese market or who do not want to take a substantial risk is to work with local Chinese partners.


In this case, a reliable and capable Chinese partner is critically important to do business successfully in China. However, due to lack of information on potential partners, differences in business culture, and existence of language barriers, it is not easy to find reliable and capable partners in China.


One of our strengths is that we not only have strong international background, we also possess extensive networks in China and understand China business practice. We take pride in our systematic and effective approach to source and screen reliable and capable local agents / distributors / wholesalers / importers / buyers / business partners in China. This will enable us identify the most suitable partners, and find capable partners for you to work with in a reasonable short time frame. Furthermore, we can enable you to understand potential partners very well, all of which are fundamental to enable your business to become successful in China.


Some of our systematic approach include:


    *  Sourcing of all major agents / distributors in China who align with the products and services related to your business

   *  Preliminary evaluation and screening

   *  Identification of prospective agents / distributors / wholesalers

   *  Understanding partners' market capability and business alignment

   *  Study on prospective partners credibility

   *  Terms and conditions negotiation

   *  China business visiting plan and partners' finalization


With this information, you will be able to make final decision to select the Chinese business partners and commence business with them directly. Contact us now! to get more details, we will get back to you in hours NOT days! You may also visit our e-platform to source and contact with your agents / distributors in China.




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